Written on September 27, 2012 at 02:09 am by admin

Facebook Events Calendar – WordPress Plugin

Can you see a calendar widget right on my right sidebar? Yes, thats it. 

See More demo here

Facebook Events Gallery is a Premium WordPress Plugin that would allow you to display your Facebook Events and all the events you have RSVP on facebook as widget or as whole page/post content.

The feature not only limits to how they are used as widget or post/page content, you can use it to display the events from the Facebook Fan Pages you own.

Widget and shortcode integration of the plugin is as easy as counting 1 to 3.  Shortcode generator tool is avaliable on plugin’s Option page.

Caching: Well, whenever it comes for API, its always a good idea to have caching enabled whenever possible or applicable as this boosts the performance of the site and also you may not always have reach to the API or you may any kind of hourly or daily limits for requests to be made.

So, here we have it too. Cache are easily configured and all caching is done on server database and you can pre-define the cache expiry time from plugin options page or even disable the caching.

CSS Customization?

This is the most crucial event when you are getting some plugin and the interface they give aren’t always support your website theme. So what we have here is, this plugin uses the jQuery UI ThemeRoller themes. Go ahead and create your own theme for the plugin. The theme initially used is “Smoothness” with few custom edits.

wp-content/plugins/[PLUGINNAME]/css/theme.css and the images folder with it would be the files you would like to touch if you plan on doing the theme modifications.

Written on September 15, 2012 at 04:09 pm by admin

Moving Back to Platform

It had been a while since I was away from wordpress, but it feels like its time to be back.

Stay tuned, and I will inform you about what I am doing and been doing on web.

I will be posting all the wordpress hooks, tricks, tweaks, hacks that I would come along while in my development life.

There are few that have gone through overtime, and I will post them shortly.